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About Genesiis

Genesiis is the authorized Maxar satellite imagery reseller for Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Since 2001 Genesiis has been the primary reseller for Space Imaging USA, which rebranded as GEO EYE, and in 2017 amalgamated to become the largest satellite service provider in the world known as Maxar (USA). Genesiis also represents HEAD Aerospace (China) and has a good working relationship with other satellite imagery providers including Airbus (France) and Zi Yuan-3A (China). As of today, Genesiis has delivered more than 25,000 of imagery since 2010 for a wide variety of projects in Sri Lanka and the Maldives

About Maxar

Maxar Technologies Inc. is a leading space technology and intelligence company based in Westminster, Colorado, specializing in the production of communication, Earth observation, radar, on-orbit servicing of satellites, satellite imagery products, and related services. On October 5, 2017, DigitalGlobe and MDA Holding Company merged to form Maxar Technologies. Maxar's Earth observation constellation provides the most comprehensive portfolio of commercial satellite imagery; its diversity in resolution, currency, spectral bands and accuracy helps enterprises conserve resources, expedite operations, maintain compliance, and save lives. Maxar offers both fresh, high-resolution imagery and the world’s largest archive for historical analysis. See more

Mr. Nishshanka S.Rodrigo (GIS Specialist)
How to Purchase Satellite Imagery

Mr. Nishshanka S.Rodrigo (GIS Specialist)

+94117765644 (Office) - Email:

We will assist you in preparing the geographic coordinates of your Area of Interest (AOI). Imagery already in our database will be delivered to you on DVD within 7 business days.

Satellite Sensor(s)

Sample Image Gallery

This image gallery contains colour pictures (JPG) of various parts of Sri Lanka and the Maldives extracted from Maxar remote sensing products. Please note that the JPG image quality is not indicative of the true quality found in the actual product, which is delivered in raster GeoTIFF format. Images are subject to the copyrights of Maxar Technologies, USA.

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